Darren Bader
3 third editions
The work is 3 third editions. The work lives on the USB stick seen in the above photo in conjunction with its analog/material existence: the 3 third editions existing in non-digital space. 1. The first third edition is sculptural propositions for the city of Rome, a video file presenting 14 proposals for sculpture in Rome, Italy. The video may be taken as a prompt to realize Roman sculptures or as a sketch aspiring to be no more than a video/sketch. As a video file, sculptural propositions for the city of Rome, can be used as the owner chooses. 2. The second third edition is "Untitled", a PDF to be printed at the size(s) the owner prefers. It should be printed on a matte or semi-gloss adhesive substrate and applied to a surface(s) of the owner’s choosing. It can be reprinted as needed. 3. The third third edition is "Sculpture #3". Instructions and images for the production* of "Sculpture #3" ed. 3 are found on the USB stick.** Once "Sculpture #3" ed. 3 has been produced, images of the produced edition should be added to the USB stick's Sculpture #3 folder. NB. This COA is the only COA for each, and all, of the 3 third editions.*** *If you are reading this after the (first) owner of the work has produced "Sculpture #3" ed. 3, please note: Sculpture #3 ed. 3 cannot be produced again and it should have been made available to the new owner if "3 third editions" was sold. **In the "Sculpture #3" folder. ***Most of the artist's works do not exist without their accompanying COAs. This work is one of those.
Dimensions & Weight:
dimensions vary
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