Darren Bader
Untitled (3(way))
The work begins with 3 identical vessels. Transparent vessels are recommended. The work's owner fills the first vessel with at least 2 things* to a preferred height. The owner can then ask 2 additional people to fill the 2 additional vessels, advising the people not to repeat the things used by the owner. Once all 3 vessels are filled to each of the 3 participating parties' liking, it's recommended they be displayed in a row on a shared surface. Duration of display is up to the owner. If the owner wishes to display anew, it's recommended the process begin again at a moment the owner finds suitable. When resuming the process, the owner shouldn't repeat objects previously chosen.** The process can be undertaken as many times as the owner likes. For each iteration of the process, it's recommended the owner choose new people to fill vessels 2 and 3.*** *Though liquids and solids are seen in the above photo, other forms of matter can be considered. **At least not those chosen by the owner. ***Previous participants could be considered after having not participated in at least 3 subsequent iterations of the process.
Dimensions & Weight:
dimensions variable
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